England midfielder's new 'bachelor pad' causes neighbourhood uproar

England midfielder's new 'bachelor pad' causes neighbourhood uproar


One of London’s most expensive streets is preparing for a noisy couple of years after one local resident – who happens to be a Premiership footballer – announced plans to build an extravagant basement conversion.

It has been reported that 32-year-old Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard is keen to start work on a subterranean swimming pool, cinema and gym in order to create a £750,000 ‘bachelor pad’ behind his Chelsea town house – close to the club’s Stamford Bridge ground.

However, the England midfielder has faced opposition from neighbours and has been in legal disputes for the last few months with those who “strongly object” to the build.

Despite initial concerns over subsidence and flooding, residents have given up and fear that now they must simply face the disruption.

Speaking to the Evening Standard a neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “What can we do? You can only put up a fight for so long. Now we are resigned to many months of noise and dust after exhausting all legal options.

"We just hope the work will be carried out responsibly but have been told it could take a year and a half."

In a letter to Kensington and Chelsea planners on behalf of the residents, solicitor Chris Barker wrote: “I consider the current approach as aggressive and ignores the previous views of the planning authorities.”

The construction is planned to take place at the same time as a similar scheme also being carried out in the street.

A resident of the street, Lisa Weiss, told the council: "Your development proposal fills us with horror and terror.

“All over again, endless noise, dust, mice.”

Lampard, who is currently dating TV presenter Christine Bleakley, applied for permission to undertake the work last year after he split from Elen Rives, who is the mother of his two daughters, Luna and Isla.

His ex-fiancé has publically criticised him for converting the house into a “bachelor pad” while she lived in a small flat with the children.

By Shelley DeBere

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