Specialist packager rebrands in order to be 'taken more seriously'

Specialist packager rebrands in order to be 'taken more seriously'



A specialist packager has rebranded its company logo and website, marking a new dawn for the business as its position in the broker market continues to grow.

Pink Pig Loans launched its new-look website on Tuesday in an effort to be taken ‘more seriously’ by the corporate market.

“It’s still the same name and the same team, but we’ve rebranded as we move further into the broker market for bridging and secured lending,” explains James Rainbird, managing director of Pink Pig Loans.

 “The rebrand has been a big step for us, and it’s taken nearly 4-5 months to get where we are now. We needed a feel that was more corporate, the pig was more for the consumer market.”

The pig hasn’t kicked the bucket completely however, the new website has both a broker interface and a consumer one, and consumers are still greeted by the firm’s mascot when they visit the site.

The Welsh packager deliberately chose November to launch its new look, estimating the next six months to be a busy time for bridging.

“I think it will open doors for us. Now is the right time to do it: we’ve had a good year, and I’m expecting a busy period coming up – what with the new year’s tax bill – it’s a prime time for bridging,” added Mr Rainbird.

When Bridging and Commercial asked if there were any other events on the horizon, Mr Rainbird answered: “Ah ha! Well it’s a very exciting time for us as a packager, so watch this space, there may well be a new funding line just around the corner...”

Visit Pink Pig Loans’ new website at www.pinkpigloans.co.uk

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