10 Questions with Graham Macaulay of Drawbridge Finance

10 Questions with Graham Macaulay of Drawbridge Finance


1. So Graham, you’ve just been appointed as Credit Manager at Drawbridge Finance – what exactly is a credit manager?

It’s underwriting. I underwrite the risk, assets and profile of the customer and assess each deal for Drawbridge. This follows the theme throughout my career, I’ve always held positions within underwriting and I’ve worked closely with Matt Smith [Drawbridge’s Head of Underwriting] in the past, so it’s nice to be working with him again.

I’m in my first few days at Drawbridge so I’m just trying to get involved and listen to as much as I can, to understand their appetite, find out what they like and what they don’t.

2. How was the interview process? Scary? Any odd-ball questions?

I obviously knew Matt previously, and I was interviewed by him, Jonathan Samuels and Mark Posniak. I met with Mark first and had a chat with him, and then the others came in. Elliot Hyames also came in for a chat.

B&C: Four people interviewed you? That must have been intense...

There were three stages, and I met most of the team, so it was very thorough! No strange questions were asked; we just went through what the job actually involved and how I’d be able to handle it – in lots of detail.

3. Before that you worked at Link Loans, Commercial First and Money Partners, have you always wanted to work in financial services?
Well yes, it’s always been on the cards. I wanted to be a footballer when I was eight, and then when I hit nine all I wanted to do was underwrite loans! Seriously, I started at 18 years-old in an office junior job for CMC, which later turned into iGroup and spent nine years there. I’ve never looked back.  
4. If you weren’t in this industry what do you think you’d like to be doing?
Well I studied art and am known for being arty and into fashion. I’m a little bit camp, very in touch with my feminine side, and so if I hadn’t gotten into finance I’d probably be doing something artistic.
B&C: Really? Are you still interested in art?
I suppose over the years your interests wane. I live in Hertfordshire with my wife and little girl and so I don’t make it to art galleries too often... 
5. As Drawbridge’s newest recruit, what are you hoping to bring to the team?
Having started in the industry at 18 years-old, I’ve now got 15 years of experience behind me, so that’s a plus. Really, I’m hoping to take some of the pressure off the guys here. We’re really busy, and it’s very much all hands on deck. I’ve had to hit the ground running! 
6. Do you have any predictions for the bridging market next year?
There’s a real opportunity within bridging at the moment, and lots of places you can go.
B&C: Do you not think the market is in danger of becoming saturated?
From what I can see here, just looking at what has come through the door this week, we’re seeing huge volumes of business. Any market saturation doesn’t seem to be affecting Drawbridge. It’s not a company going backwards; it’s expanding. 
7. 2010 has been a year of highs and lows – what have been your stand-out moments from it?
That’s easy – getting the job at Drawbridge Finance. I’ve really enjoyed my first week here and the guys have looked after me well. They’re great guys and seem to be glad I’m here, so that’s good!  
8. Now onto some personal questions... starting with B&C’s best loved... who’s your celebrity crush?
It would be Rachel Weiss, that British actress. It’s not a particularly stand out crush, is it? I like her a lot, she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously, oh yes, I’ve been keen on her for a long time...
Not sure what my wife will have to say about that mind you, in fact, I may not have thought this through... 
9. It’s okay, we ask everyone that! And what would you put in Room 101 if given the chance?
The entire management team of England’s football squad.
B&C: Are you a big football fan?
Yes I am, I’m a Watford season ticket holder, although I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else – it’s torture! 
10. Finally, what is one thing that people would be surprised to find out about you?

That would be my deep knowledge of ladies’ handbags. I seem to have picked up a detailed knowledge over the last few years from my wife.

B&C: Hmm, that’s unusual...

[Proudly] Oh yes, I know my Mulberrys’ from my Marc Jacobs’.

B&C: Do people make fun of you, Graham?

Oh, people making fun of me is something I’m used to!


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