The winner of the Bridging and Commercial BDM of the Year Award...

The winner of the Bridging and Commercial BDM of the Year Award...



With bated, patient breath you have waited and waited. But now, after much hot anticipation, the polls have closed, the votes have been counted, the race has been run.

Ladies and gentleman the time has come to announce the winner of Bridging and Commercial’s 2010 BDM of the Year.

Indeed folks it is that time. Forget Aiden’s shocking departure, Ann Widdecombe’s waltz, the 2012 Olympics and how it’s crippling – I mean elevating – London, the real contest of the year has finally come to a close.

So without any further ado, it gives me great pleasure to bring you...

Miss Jade Esterkin of Affirmative Finance as Bridging and Commercial’s 2010 BDM of the year.

Jade Esterkin of Affirmative Finance 

Having been a BDM at the Manchester-based short term lender since 2008, Jade won the poll by an impressive margin; securing 24 % of the total votes cast – votes cast by you, Bridging and Commercial readers.

Representing Affirmative in the South, Jade divides her time between her home city of Manchester and London, where she is now permanently based. At just 23-years-old Jade has helped the firm further penetrate the South East market, with her ongoing presence ‘a factor that has considerably helped to escalate the amount of business in the last year alone,’ explains Eugene Esterkin, MD of Affirmative Finance.

Jade was the first BDM to work through every department before being ‘put out into the field’ and therefore has underwriting capabilities – a factor she believes makes a difference to her service as a BDM. “It means I can often say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ straight away to a deal – and so most of my deals go straight through as I know on face value whether Affirmative will do them or not.

“If I can’t put it through, then I’ll refer brokers to another bridger.  Affirmative cherry pick their deals, we know the competition is healthy, we’re happy to choose what we’ll do and won’t do,” she explains.

Asked how it felt to win the prestigious accolade of Bridging and Commercial’s 2010 BDM of the Year, Jade said: “I felt very lucky to be one of the nominees, and am proud to be the inaugural recipient for this award.

“I am really pleased to be recognised, and that people have noticed all the hard work I put in.”

And it’s her low-key, friendly approach with the brokers that Jade thinks clinched her the deal. “I hope brokers voted for me because they see me as their friend in the business rather than just an acquaintance.

“I put a lot of time into visiting brokers over and over again, explaining how we work and guiding them through the various difficult deals they have.   

“Though  there is no way that I could do my job properly without the help of all the team at Affirmative, particularly my fellow BDMs who are all on hand to make sure the deals complete and that brokers get answers quickly.”

Commenting on his daughter’s success, Mr Esterkin added: “On a personal note it is great for me to see a family member succeed at so young an age in the most difficult of markets that any of us have ever experienced.  

“She knows her job well and has been instilled with the Affirmative desire to help brokers and their clients achieve their ambitions as a primary objective.  Well done Jade!”

So what does the future hold for Jade? “If the industry carries on accelerating like it is now, then I definitely would still like to be in the short-term finance industry. It’s all I’ve ever known and I like to think it’s in my blood.

“I really enjoy making deals move, seeing them complete from start to finish, and making dreams come true. The finance industry is a great one to work in, I love meeting new people and hearing new stories. I am never bored!”

Asked whether she had any favourite brokers, the winning BDM remained diplomatic and modest, “I do have some great relationships with some brokers out there, but it wouldn’t be fair to say who my favourite was – though I could be swayed with a box of chocolates or two...”

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