Hold the pickle - a new 140m  vegetable's coming to town - 'The Cucumber'

Hold the pickle - a new 140m vegetable's coming to town - 'The Cucumber'


A new vegetable might be about to transform London's skyline. Forget the City’s Gherkin, (sorry Mr Foster), plans to erect a 140 metre tall ‘Cucumber’ sky scraper in London’s Paddington basin have been put forward.

Although coming in at 40 metres shorter than its big brother, 1 Merchant Square – as it’s officially called – is the latest development put forward by the billionaire Reuben brothers as part of a joint venture between them and the Jarvis family.
If approved the building promises to be an ‘impressive mix of residential, office and retail space’.    
The 41-storey will include 222 flats, a 90 room boutique hotel and a sky bar on the top floor. It will be developed by European Land, (a Reubens and Jarvis joint venture), and has been designed by Robin Partington.
And it’s little wonder the tower has gained the Cucumber nickname.
“I must admit that comparisons with the ‘Gherkin’ are no surprise as Robin was also responsible for that building whilst at Foster and Partners,” explains Stuart Macalister of Robin Partington Architects.
“In this respect there is a common hand, but the two buildings are fundamentally different, 30 St Mary Axe [the Gherkin] being a commercial office building and 1 Merchant Square being a mixed use hotel and residential scheme, each appropriate for their location and context,” he added.

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