Native Finance

New digital property finance brokerage launches

A new fully digital B2B property finance brokerage platform has launched with the aim of giving real estate developers and investors increased access to the whole of the lending market.

Native Finance has been set up by Daneal Bassiouni (pictured above, left) and Pras Kannan (right) and has already secured over £35m of finance for users in the testing period prior to launch, including a £17.2m loan for developer Strawberry Star.

The brokerage has combined technology with market expertise to simplify the financial process, with developers and investors able to submit their financial requirements online.

Native Finance has access to over 350 lenders in the market, including clearing banks, specialist debt funds and family offices.

The broker stated that its accelerated loan processing means that it is able to rapidly arrange bridging finance.

Native arranges bridging funding for short-term projects, ranging from auction purchases to development exits, as it sources loans from £100,000 to £20m at LTVs up to 80% over three- to 24-month terms.

The brokerage is able to source bridging finance across residential, commercial and mixed-use asset types.

"When it comes to sourcing bridging finance, we pride ourselves on helping borrowers access not only the most competitive products in the market but also lenders with the strongest track record of execution,” said Pras.

Native is supported by a team of advisers and investors, including Passion Capital, Lord Stevenson and Brooks Newmark.

Eileen Burbidge, chair of Tech City and HM Treasury’s special envoy for fintech (centre), sits on the board as a non-executive director.

Daneal said that while online brokerage had become commonplace for consumer finance, it was not something that had been introduced for higher-value corporate deals.

“There are many good brokers out there who specialise in sourcing property finance for development and investment, but generally they all have their favoured set of lenders who they turn to by default.

“We want to make the entire lending market easier to access for borrowers.

“This is becoming especially important as deals get more complex and lenders become increasingly risk averse and particular about the deals they are willing to fund.

“Our technology allows us to quickly assess all potential options, then narrow our focus to target those lenders who fit the specific needs for each borrower requirement.

“As we are free to use and only charge commission-based fees, we find that customers are using us to do a risk-free cost comparison and discovering that we can access better terms for them.”

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