Native Finance

A guide to new digital brokerage Native Finance

Digital property finance brokerage Native Finance officially launched last month with the aim of providing property developers and investors increased access to the whole of the lending market.

The platform – which was launched by Daneal Bassiouni (pictured above, left) and Pras Kannan (right) – has already completed several deals with more in the pipeline.

Native Finance is most active on deals between £5m-50m, but is comfortable brokering deals of any size.

The company claims that it simplifies the funding process by combining technology with market expertise.

Property developers and investors submit their financial requirements online, and Native Finance’s proprietary algorithm matches them with the lender most appropriate for their transaction.

Through its online platform, Native Finance can match lenders and borrowers for everything from traditional senior debt to stretch senior, mezzanine, preferred equity and short-term lending facilities.

As soon as a suitable match has been found, the deals are brokered in person by Native Finance’s specialist negotiators, and as the firm operates on a commission-only model, this incentivises the firm to broker deals as quickly as possible.

Speaking exclusively to Bridging & Commercial, Daneal said that borrowers were increasingly likely to shop around as they look for the best deal possible, and at Native Finance, it aimed to give them the tools to do so.

“We are free to use and only charge commission-based fees, and our extensive real estate finance knowledge and understanding of how and where technology can add value, helps us give our clients access to some of the most competitive opportunities on the market.

“Native Finance offers the best of both worlds to an investor, broker or developer. 

“[The] algorithm gives a developer access to 330 lenders and matches the developer to the lenders that best suit their needs, streamlining the process. 

“However, the process doesn’t stop online: all of Native Finance’s deals are brokered in person by experts. 

“Combining the convenience of technology with market expertise makes Native Finance’s offering both unique and attractive to investors, brokers and developers.”

Native Finance is backed by Passion Capital, Lord Stevenson and Brooks Newmark.

Eileen Burbidge, chair of Tech City and HM Treasury’s special envoy for fintech (centre), sits on the board as a non-executive director.

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