Advice from Base: market may be more positive by September

Advice from Base: market may be more positive by September


Base Commercial Mortgages Limited, the specialist commercial mortgage lender, believes that there is only one sensible antidote to the despondency bought on by the credit crunch……….a good holiday!

As the Monetary Policy Committee ponders over what to do with interest rates this week, Mark Stephens, Chief Executive at Base, has the following advice: “Forget all about interest rates, because whatever the MPC decides to do isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference.

“So you may as well pack you bags, sun cream and kiss me quick hat, switch off your boiler, lock your front door and, if you can afford to go away for the rest of July and August, do so in the hope that everybody else does the same and is more positive about doing business when they return to work in September!

“Alternatively, petition the BBC to create a reality show to find somebody who can come up with an effective solution for reducing inflation, produce an alternative to oil and create a pill for optimism! After all, the BBC seems to run a competition for most things on Saturday night!”
Yes, the credit crunch is affecting people in ways that were never thought possible.

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