Broker and footballer jailed for 13-year mortgage fraud

Broker and footballer jailed for 13-year mortgage fraud


A semi-professional footballer, mortgage broker and a husband and wife are among seven people to be jailed for a major mortgage fraud scam.

The orchestrator of the conspiracy, Michael Creamer, 46, was jailed for four years and two months this week for the long running criminal operation, which spanned over 13 years, in North Wales.

Judge Rogers said Creamer had led “a persistent, carefully planned and professionally executed” mortgage fraud – reported regional paper, the Daily Post.

The scam involved lying to building societies to obtain mortgages for property in Conwy County. These houses were then sold using fraudulent mortgages.

His accomplice, 52 year-old mortgage broker Stephen Jones, made 23 out of the 24 fraudulent mortgage applications involved in four conspiracies between 1995 and 2008.

Trusted by building societies because of his position, he gave them false details of people’s employment, incomes and personal circumstances.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years and six months in prison.

Also assisting Creamer was his wife, Anita, 45, who was jailed for two years for her part in the four fraudulent plots.

The couple were apparently leading an extravagant lifestyle, living in a £378,000 house with no mortgage, and owning several luxury cars.

There were 11 defendants in total, but only seven received custodial sentences, including semi-professional footballer Robert Williams, 32, who until the conviction played for Llangefni Town FC. His brother David Williams, 30, was also given a prison sentence.

A specialist financial investigation under The Proceeds of Crime is set to take place to strip all of those involved of their ill-gotten assets.

The eleven people involved covered 24 fraudulent applications in respect of 11 different properties – Judge Rogers stated the loss to the building societies was £190,000.

Although the evidence was “overwhelming” against them Michael and Anita Creamer and another co-conspirator, Michael Spencer, all pleaded not guilty. The remaining eight people all pleaded guilty.

Judge Rogers, who led the eight week trial, commended DC Don Kenyon, the officer who led the investigation.

An order banning publication of the trial was lifted by the judge after Creamer admitted a further charge that is due to go to trial next year. 

Creamer was sentenced despite not being present, after he refused to leave his cell.

By Shelley DeBere

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