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83% of SMEs find plastic waste a problem

Some 58% of UK SMEs don't feel they are being incentivised enough to reduce the amount of plastic waste they use and produce, according to new research.

The survey conducted on behalf of Close Brothers Asset Finance revealed this figure despite also recording that 83% of SMEs believed that plastic waste was a problem.

The lack of incentive was especially high in the print and packaging industry, with the overall figure in this sector hitting 77%.

However, nearly two-thirds of SMEs (63%) have put initiatives in place to reduce their reliance on plastic, while more than half of the 900 SMEs surveyed (54%) have investigated alternatives to plastic.

Of those which have looked into alternatives, the most proactive was the food and drink industry (67%).

Neil Davies, CEO at Close Brothers Asset Finance (pictured above), said: “With the environmental damage caused by plastic waste becoming increasingly clear, companies are taking it upon themselves to do something about it.

“Incentives are a proven way to mobilise both businesses and individuals to take action.

“A good example is solar PV, where various schemes have seen a significant uptake in generation, while a substantial reduction in government subsidy has not ended interest in solar investment.

“There is an obvious demand for alternatives, from both consumers and businesses.

“Industry is clearly part of the solution and not the problem and, with a history of innovation, I strongly believe more options will become available in the foreseeable future, ranging from utilising existing waste to create energy to the manufacture of less harmful packaging products.”

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