Bridging company completes six-figure loan in 24 hours.

Bridging company completes six-figure loan in 24 hours.


West One Loans have announced the completion of a £275,000 bridging loan inside 24 hours following the unexpected withdrawal of a mortgage offer by Santander.

Following completion of the deal, Duncan Kreeger of West One Loans said: “There was no way Santander could complete the deal in time and we were delighted to be able to step in at the last minute and facilitate the loan. The speed at which we were able to process the funding is a perfect example of how fast we can source and lend significant funds.”

Mortgage broker Jane Baccus added: “The speed at which West One Loans acted was fantastic. Our client was in a very stressful situation and it was terrific to work with people that understood our client’s position and were so proactive in agreeing the bridging finance.”

Established in 2008 West One Loans is one of the biggest privately funded lenders in the UK with a track record of completed deals well in excess of £43 million.

By Frank Burbage

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