Afghan family hauled up in £1.2M London home

Afghan family hauled up in £1.2M London home


After a decade spent living in a mansion that was handed to her by the council, an Afghani woman is charged with benefit fraud.

The mother of seven, who receives £4,000 a month in housing benefits to live in a £1.2 million home in Acton, is due in court today, accused of concealing a bank account so that she could continue to collect council tax and income support.

A source at the Department of Work and Pensions said to the Sun: “Mrs Saiedi is facing charges of fiddling claims for both council tax allowance and income support. It is expected to be a high profile case in view of the level of benefits her family have been claiming and the lifestyle they have enjoyed at the expense of the taxpayer.”

Ealing Council said yesterday that it had issued a summons against Toorpakai Saiedi, 38, on "three counts of making false representations with a view to obtaining housing and council tax benefit".

A further count alleges false representations to the Department of Work and Pensions for income support. Mrs Saiedi has lived in the UK since 2001 and has been able to claim housing benefits for the privately-owned double-fronted property because Ealing council could not offer an alternative large enough to house all seven of her children, aged between eight and 23.

A spokesman from the Work and Pensions Council said to the Sun yesterday: “The council does not have the power to move or evict these people.”

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