Short-term asset finance provider conclude 'Brilliant' agency agreement

Short-term asset finance provider conclude 'Brilliant' agency agreement


It has just been announced that a short term asset finance company have formed a strategic relationship with Brilliant Solutions. 

The short term asset finance lender, borro, and Brilliant Solutions have established a tactical deal, which enables the asset lender’s unique funding facilities to be offered to Brilliant’s introducers.


Brilliant Solutions concluded a strategic two year review in December. Utilising the information from this review, Brilliant Solutions has developed a proposition designed to provide top products and services to the intermediary market. 


According to Managing Director, Matthew Arena, ‘borro’s service is just the kind of innovative initiative that should appeal to their brokers, who are not prepared to accept the status quo and are prepared to think out of the box’.


He said: “borro is a provider which breaks the mould of traditional lending and is a breath of fresh air. At the same time where there is such a restriction on lending sources, borro’s proposition, based on securing advances against assets other than property, really comes into its own. Brilliant is all about procuring tools with which today’s intermediaries can arm themselves to generate more business and build their practises for the future. borro is a business generator” with a fantastic


Paul Brett, Business Development Director at borro, commented: “Our aim is to bring our vision of short term lending to the widest possible intermediary audience. Working with Brilliant will help us to achieve that goal as it is a business with a fantastic distribution base that looks at all options for the intermediary, from prime refinance right the way through to specialist alternatives.


“We want to hear from anyone with clients who have a need to raise funds fast and collateral in the shape of personal assets such as luxury cars, fine art, and diamond jewellery to stand as security for the loan. This is a business which has been providing liquidity to those who are asset rich but cash poor for hundreds of years and at borro we have simply brought it up to date. It is fast funding, totally transparent and does exactly what it says on the tin."


By Florence Mosshart

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