Arbuthnot Specialist Finance

Arbuthnot Specialist Finance reveals offering

Arbuthnot Latham & Co has officially launched its specialist finance division.

Arbuthnot Specialist Finance Limited is led by Shoaib Bux and Yasin Patel and provides short-term real estate finance for purchase, refinance and development projects in the UK.

It will focus on long-term client relationships and offer dedicated relationship managers to structure products around client’s needs.

Arbuthnot Specialist Finance will offer short-term residential finance up to 70% of market value (MV), with rates from 0.65% per month.

For this product, it will offer loans between £30,000–£3m-plus.

For commercial properties, it will offer up to 65% of MV, including interest and fees (up to 85% of the 90-day MV, or 95% of the purchase price, whichever is the lower), with rates available from 0.75%.

It will also offer light refurb funding up to 70% of MV, including interest and fees (up to 85% of the 90-day MV or 95% of the purchase price), with rates available from 0.65%.

In addition, it has a heavy refurb product, with rates available from 0.75%.

All products have a maximum term of up to 24 months, an arrangement fee of 1–2%, with interest charged on a daily basis.

The Arbuthnot Specialist Finance team was established in August 2018, and has almost doubled in size since then, with further growth planned in the coming months.

Shoaib and Yasin said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of Arbuthnot Specialist Finance and to introduce our product to the short-term lending space. 

“Our offering is tailored to client needs and brings private banking-style relationship management and bespoke service to all real estate finance solutions. 

“We look forward to working with property professionals and entrepreneurs across the UK.”

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