New announcements from the editor

New announcements from the editor


This week, we can see that yet another lender has been given a massive capital injection. “Bridging is booming”, and the millions are turning into billions. I am, of course, referring to Drawbridge’s new funding line, and waiting in the wings are at least two more lenders about to announce their own new funding lines,  but more about that next week.

There are also rumours that another lender is about to give us the gruesome details of what could be this year’s biggest fraud case...  stay tuned!

On a lighter note...

Bowing to popular demand, rather than separate the BDM of the year award as we have done in previous years, it gives me great pleasure to announce the 13th Bridging & Commercial 2011 awards, ‘BDM of the year’.

So if you know a dedicated Business Development Manager; the type of person that always answers your requests and is genuinely passionate about developing their business, put their name forward in the nominations section.

As for the rest of our awards categories, it’s only been a week since we opened up the nominations and we have already been overwhelmed by a phenomenal 680 votes. 

At this stage there are some clear favourites. A couple of lenders in the development sector are receiving huge numbers of nominations, ... obviously big fans of Linkedin. However in several of the other categories there are many potential nominees sitting neck and neck. Now is the time to vote if you want to ensure that your preferred company is nominated, as we only have space for 3 final nominees in each category.

We’ve also been keeping tabs on Bridging and Commercial’s new ‘preferred lender’ poll, which may be used by the judges if we experience a tie-breaker situation for the ‘Bridging Lender of the Year 2011 Award’. So far West One are in the lead, with Lancashire Mortgage Corporation and Affirmative Finance taking runner up spots. The poll will be open until the end of March, so there’s still time for the tables to turn.

And last but not least, it pains me to say that there are still 10 nameless children on our Birthday Picture Hunt Competition. Nobody has managed to guess correctly all 10 correctly and claim the ipad, so I’ve decided to have pity on you and offer you this week’s tip.

Tip of the week

: Each of the faces in the pictures work for well known companies in the industry. And the companies to which these faces belong, in no particular order, are: Affirmative Finance, Brightstar Financial, Cheval, Drawbridge, Lancashire Mortgage Corporation, Masthaven, WB Mortgages, West One, UTB.

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