John Davies

CBI appoints John Davies to new SME Council

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has appointed John Davies, CEO at Just Cash Flow PLC, and chairman at the Association of Alternative Business Finance (pictured above), to its new SME Council.

The council aims to ensure that all views, concerns and aspirations of SMEs are heard throughout the CBI.

“A concern for many SMEs — especially in a post-Brexit world — is being able to access the finance to invest and grow,” said Diane Williams, propositions and services manager at the CBI.

“John Davies’s knowledge and expertise in this area will be welcome.”

John added: “I am delighted to be joining the CBI SME Council and looking forward to working with the other members who bring a broad range of experience to the table.

“It is extremely important that politicians understand what is going on at the coal face and the real issues SMEs are having to contend with.

“One of [the] things I will [be] keen to bring to the table is the need for more education before someone sets up in business, as I believe this would significantly increase the chances of new SMEs being successful.”

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