Former England footballer to build £8M 'Teletubby' home

Former England footballer to build £8M 'Teletubby' home


Former Manchester United and England footballer Gary Neville has moved one step closer to winning approval to a build an eco home on greenbelt land.

After originally being refused planning permission, the ex-right back has had plans for the £8 million flower-shaped mansion referred to the government.

The zero-carbon underground development on the Pennine Moors was originally rejected after objections from environmental campaigners, but Bolton councillors approved amended plans last week.

Neville, 36, who retired from football last month, has spent almost three years working on the design for his perfect home. The new proposals include a shorter wind turbine, reduced from 130ft to 100ft.

It has been described as being one of the country’s most energy efficient residential developments, but the council has already received 108 objections to the new scheme, with only three letters supporting it.

Speaking to the Mirror, Neville said: “I’ve never had one person approach me and say one negative thing.”

Taking the shape of a flower, the centrepiece is the kitchen, with bedrooms and bathrooms flowing from the middle in six petal-like offshoots. It also includes a swimming pool, gym, offices, dining rooms and a garage.

The four-bed house, near Harwood in Bolton, would be partially underground so moorland can ‘flow seamlessly’ over its roof, the designs reveal.

Joanne Wilcock, chairman of the Affetside Society, told the Manchester Evening News: “It is the choice of location really. It is a huge structure in a beautiful location.

Houses can be built on green belt land if the designs are ‘truly outstanding and groundbreaking’ and reflect the ‘highest standards in contemporary architecture’.

“We do not want to see our greenbelt destroyed. There are a lot of people feeling very despondent about the scheme.

“We feel that residents will be affected by the wind turbine and a beautiful area of moorland lost,” she added.

Neville, whose brother Phil is the current captain of Everton, made 400 appearances for United since his career began in 1992. He played for England 85 times, captaining the side against Portugal in the 2006 World Cup quarter final defeat.


by James McDonald


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