Top Ten Tips for development finance: Tip 6

Top Ten Tips for development finance: Tip 6


Each week we will provide a top tip for development finance. This week it’s tip number 6... read more.


Tip 6: Look at joining a local business club

There are numerous local groups of business associates which meet weekly/monthly. You should be able to find out about these from local business people you are in touch with. Start with professional contacts such as solicitors and surveyors as they are very likely to belong to existing groups. You may also find these groups advertised in local papers or in specialist magazines.

The meetings will usually follow a set format and there will often be a referrals part of the meeting where members are encouraged to refer business to other members of the group. Going to a meeting will also hopefully lead to you finding out about other groups which the members belong to, go to as many of these as you have time for as they are an inexpensive way of networking which is one of the fundamental keys to your success.

Look into going along to a couple of the meetings and getting to know the local businessmen as this is a great opportunity to network and explain how you can help clients.

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