Liverpool unveils £4.5M 'bomb-proof' hotel

Liverpool unveils £4.5M 'bomb-proof' hotel


Yesterday a new ‘bomb-proof’ hotel opened its doors, promising to house guests in one of the UK’s safest buildings.

The Day’s Inn Hotel is set across five floors in a former MoD building, above James Street station, and in the heart of Liverpool’s commercial district.

The safety appeal of the new hotel has already tempted the public to reserve their rooms and despite only opening yesterday, managers have already secured £400,000 worth of bookings and a 90 per cent occupancy level for peak weekends.

Yet surprisingly, the hotel’s biggest selling point was neither planned nor envisioned, as Architects stumbled on the building’s bomb proof strength accidentally.

Up until last year, the former MoD building had been used as office space. A £4.5 million renovation commenced in March to convert the premises into a hotel and it was during the renovation works that architects Falconer Chester Hall discovered the building had been reinforced to resist bomb blasts and that the glass was shatter-proof.

General manager Paris D’Allesandro hopes that the hotel will become a tourist attraction as well as a comfortable option for regular business travellers.

He told the Liverpool Daily Post: “Days Inn Liverpool is in a prime location in the heart of the commercial district where there is already a great deal of improvement work under way.

“We are hoping the hotel will appeal to the leisure market like football fans and tourists, but also to business users.”

Mr D’Allesandro believes that there is still room for competition among existing hotels in the city and that Liverpool is in need of further guest accommodation.

“For the city to continue growing, and for the Arena and Convention Centre to continue growing, it needs the hotel business to continue growing as well,” he said.

The hotel is expected to be awarded a three star rating when it is officially inspected in the upcoming weeks.

By Katie-Jill Rowland


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