Drawbridge is no more

Drawbridge is no more


Drawbridge Finance has today announced that it has 'spread its wings' and rebranded to Dragonfly Property Finance.

To celebrate the launch of Dragonfly Property Finance and show it remains 100 per cent committed to the broker community, Dragonfly is reducing rates across its entire product range, to as low as 0.75 per cent per month. It is also introducing a new streamlined process, which reduces the number of documents required from 10 to 4.

Although neither the location nor the funding has changed, the team felt that their evolution as a company warranted a new name.

Jonathan Samuels, CEO of Dragonfly Property Finance, said: "In recent months, we increasingly felt the name 'Drawbridge Finance' didn't really reflect what we do and how we work.

"The name suggested we were exclusively about bridging, it pigeonholed us if you like, whereas the services we offer actually extend way beyond that into buy-to-let loans, second charges and development."

He added: "Having discussed it with the team at length, we thought it was better to act immediately and rebrand now, while we're still relatively young in the industry. The longer we waited, the more ingrained the Drawbridge brand would become and the harder it would be.

"With the launch of Dragonfly Property Finance, we have also formally launched into a fourth area, development and mezzanine finance, which we always felt we were missing at Drawbridge. Bridging will always remain at the heart of our business, yet Dragonfly is also about us spreading our wings and expanding our proposition into new areas."

So why the name, 'Dragonfly Property Finance'. Jonathan Samuels explains: "The dragonfly is a perfect representation of how we work as a business. We are agile, flexible in the way we assess applications, quick to react and very transparent in the way we operate. Also, we're always striving to do things differently and to stand out from the crowd. We felt the dragonfly embodied all of these qualities and has a certain uniqueness about it."

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