An update from the Editor: Awards nominations announced

An update from the Editor: Awards nominations announced


Everything looks different in the spring time...

The mornings are brighter, the nights are warmer and there’s a brand new iPad on the shelves. And it seems that the industry is also surfing the wave of change.

Today, Drawbridge Finance announced their evolution into Dragonfly Property Finance and W&B Mortgages announced that they too had chosen to change their name to Vantage Finance.     

Here at B&C, we’ve been giving our inboxes a much needed spring clean, after they were bombarded with 1195 nomination forms for the upcoming Bridging and Commercial Awards 2011.

We are now officially at liberty to unveil the nominees who stand a chance of winning one of our prestigious awards.

For each of the categories we have selected the five names with the most votes to be the official nominees. In some categories, the first four runners were so far ahead of the rest that we decided to limit the number of contenders to four. You can see the official nominations here.

We have also decided to change one award category to one which reflects the importance of the competitive nature of bridging, and therefore the ‘Most Innovative Website & Media Campaign’ has been replaced by ‘Best Bridging Product’, which will be an Editor’s choice award.

We took this decision following the phenomenal level of nominations received for ‘Best Bridging Product Range’. Many of these voters told us that they had a particular favourite product rather than a complete range and so we decided it would be appropriate to honour this sentiment and create an award which highlights those who are offering spectacular value and innovation. 

Over the next week I’ll be asking brokers and packagers for their favourite pick of the vast array of products, as well as putting lenders’ rates and deals under the microscope.  I’ll then shortlist three of the best products to join the list of nominees for our judge panel to make the final decision.

If you’ve recently experienced the benefits of a bridging or commercial finance product that’s both unique and good value, then feel free to let me know. You can contact me at

[email protected]


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