Top Ten Tips for development finance: Tip 9

Top Ten Tips for development finance: Tip 9


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Each week we will provide a top tip for development finance. This week it’s tip number 9...


Tip 9: Presenting the information 


Once you have identified your borrower and target lender your job is to ensure the deal gets approved as quickly as possible, this way you will ensure you get paid as quickly as possible!


Do not spend hours packaging a deal and providing information that you might think is relevant but the lender might not want or need. Find out exactly what your lender wants and then provide the information accordingly. Providing unnecessary, incomplete or worst incorrect information will undoubtedly lead to delays or even fundable cases being refused.


Some lenders do require complete packaging but as an example at Regentsmead we just need the very basic outline of a proposed case and we then take the whole matter over making life as simple as possible for the introducer.

Do your homework on the lender and their requirements to ensure you provide what is required and in the correct format in order that you can then expect a quick response and a quick processing time. Listen to your lender as they will in effect be paying your fee and ensure that their requirements are met, providing of course they are reasonable and the do actually want to be lending!

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