Stuart Law

Assetz Capital surpasses £1bn lending milestone

Assetz Capital has exceeded the landmark figure of £1bn of lending to SMEs and housebuilders across the UK.

To celebrate this achievement, the P2P marketplace lender — which was set up in 2013 — has launched a new 1% cashback offer.

This is available to existing and new investors who invest new funds through the platform before midnight on 5th April 2020.

Investors who keep these funds invested until midnight on 6th March 2021 will receive the 1% cashback on the eligible funds.

The funds will be paid directly into their cash account on 10th March 2021.

Having reached its £500m of lending milestone in June 2018, Assetz has managed to double its lending in just 20 months.

Stuart Law, founder and CEO at Assetz Capital (pictured above), said: “P2P lending … has now grown to become one of the most viable forms of alternative finance in the UK.

“In the seven years that we’ve been operating, we’ve continued to see low interest rates and insufficient business lending from the banks, and there are no signs of this changing any time soon.

“Our P2P model will continue to support economic growth through UK businesses and housebuilders in 2020 and beyond, and our new 1% cashback offer will provide a welcome boost to our investors looking for a fairer return on their investments.”

Stuart added that the “deep lending and business experience” of the Assetz Capital team separated it from unsuccessful lenders.

“…We have firmly established ourselves as one of most successful providers of much-needed income for investors as well as being a much-needed funder of growing businesses and, in turn, the UK economy.”

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