Top Ten Tips for development finance: Tip 10

Top Ten Tips for development finance: Tip 10




Each week we will provide a top tip for development finance. This week it’s tip number 10...


Tip 10: Keep in contact with your clients 


Now that you have presented a case to a lender and had it accepted you need to keep in contact with both the client and the lender to see how the case is progressing and equally importantly to see what future business may arise.


Particularly the client in say 6-9 months after the project has started will be looking for new opportunities and you want to be in contact with him as this happens. Create and maintain a simple database which you should link to your calendar to ensure you are following clients up at the right time.


You have cultivated an important relationship with both the lender and your client and you should maintain regular contact to ensure your relationships are enhanced as much as possible.


We hope these tips have been of assistance.

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