Top Tips to improve your SEO today

Top Tips to improve your SEO today


Every week, we'll be providing a Top Tip to help you improve your SEO today. These tips have been brought to you by SEO expert, Kelly Ifrah...


Who Am I?

My name is Kelly Ifrah and I have been a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant for more than 4 years. In these tips I will be covering all of the aspects of search engine optimisation so that you can ensure your website is doing all the things it should to give it the best chance of achieving page 1 rankings in the search engines.
What Is Search Engine Optimisation?
Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, is a service that is offered by consultants, like myself, to help your website rank on page 1 of the search engines for the keywords related to your business or service. It covers a lot of aspects of websites. From what is done on the website itself with regards to necessary bits of code and files, to what is done off the website with regards to building links and popularity.
In this first SEO Tip I want to explain that Website Design and SEO must to go hand in hand, but often don't as they are both specialities and it is hard to be an authority in more than one sector. This means that when planning a website you should have an SEO Consultant present to ensure that the needed files and bits of code are included as well as search engine friendly URLs (a URL is the link you type into the search bar i.e. You also need to do, or have done for you, a complete analysis of the niche that your business is in to ensure that you have utilised the best keywords. Missing these bits out at the beginning can be costly to fix at a later date.
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