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Arc & Co completes two loans totalling £13.5m

Arc & Co has completed two loans for existing clients totalling £13.5m, including a bridging loan worth £3m.

The loans comprised a £3m loan provided by Ortus Secured Finance and a £10.5m loan provided by Brydg Capital.

The £3m exit bridge loan was provided by Ortus Secured Finance for a completed development in central London and was completed in ten working days.

The development comprises of 13 apartments, two houses and two office blocks, with all parts now sold, bar three residential units.

The £10.5m facility provided by Brydg Capital was arranged for the redevelopment of a warehouse building in London, to create 15 apartments with commercial space on both the ground and lower ground levels. 

Edward Horn-Smith, managing director of structured finance team at Arc & Co (pictured above), commented: “I am delighted that we have been able to complete on these two loans and deliver the solutions required by the client.

“What is most impressive is the team behind these two loans, comprising a number of experienced and well qualified lenders, lawyers and trust companies, all being able to work seamlessly to the point of completion whilst working remotely from home.”

Jon Salisbury, managing director at Ortus Secured Finance commented: “We are always delighted to work with Arc & Co and they are a hugely impressive outfit.

“The Covid-19 situation presented a few interesting challenges, but with Ed’s help and the support of our professional panel, we still managed to deliver a great borrower experience.”

Daniel Bendavid, managing director of Brydg Capital said: "We are proud to be able to support our clients in these uncertain times with the help of our trusted relationships, like Ed at Arc & Co."

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