A ten step guide to a commercial loan: Step 1

A ten step guide to a commercial loan: Step 1


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Each week we bring you a step by step guide to setting up and completing a commercial loan

This week it's step 1:

Commencing Commercial Finance

Whether your clients are starting up a business, developing existing activity or expanding; a commercial loan is the perfect fit for acquiring a business, or for a business’s long term aims. 

It may be surprising to learn that a commercial loan can be secured on many property types, including residential, semi-commercial, commercial property and land. In addition, many income sources ranging from employed, self-employed and sole traders to partnerships, limited companies and pension funds will be considered. Funds can be used for all existing investments to re-finance and improve its  cashflow, or to purchase business’s such as hotels, land or retail units.

Commercial Finance is not the lengthy or complicated process that people may think. Funding from specialist lenders can offer you fast and effective finance for almost any client; and each week we will demonstrate the simplicity, flexibility and choice of products available with commercial finance that you can offer your clients.


















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