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Crystal Specialist Finance and B&C launch health and wellbeing campaign for intermediaries

Crystal Specialist Finance (CSF) has teamed up with Bridging & Commercial (B&C) to launch a long-term health and wellbeing campaign for the intermediary sectors today (18th August).

Set against the background of an unparalleled double whammy of the Covid-19 pandemic and now the start of one of the deepest UK recessions in history, the specialist distributor and media title have joined forces to help individuals identify and overcome stress, illness and loneliness.

The campaign kicks off with a wellbeing survey, which probes the current feelings of UK mortgage advisers and introducers, and will then expand into a series of in-person and online roundtable events in the coming months where attendees will be able to discuss the issues affecting their lives.

Alongside these initiatives, the business is looking to set-up a mentoring programme, where some of the biggest names across the finance industry can give professional support in what will undoubtedly be a tough market environment.

Working in cooperation with the leading mental health charity Mind, CSF will download helpful advice onto their website and, over the next 12 months, will hold numerous charity events to maintain profile and raise money for the cause.

To add a fun element to the launch, CSF will be distributing stress-busting amethyst crystals to brokers and introducers who complete cases through the business during autumn and winter.

The programme is led by CSF’s group sales and marketing director, Jason Berry (pictured above), who said there will be a tiered approach to the support which is offered. 

“I know it has been a difficult period for the intermediary sector, so I would like to firmly establish the current industry sentiment, then create a framework so effective support can be tailored to individual needs.

“Personally, I have been blessed to work in the financial services marketplace for over 25 years, during which time I have experienced many incredible highs, but also witnessed some terrible lows; with people losing homes and their employment, today’s market will undoubtedly see all emotions magnified.

“The campaign has a serious and sustained intention and I am determined to ensure we create an industry programme which makes a positive difference. 

“The calmness and good luck which is associated with the amethyst crystal is offered as a light-hearted way to provide a mood boost.”

Beth Fisher, editor at Bridging & Commercial, added: “We are delighted to be collaborating with CSF and Mind on this much needed initiative to help support those who are the backbone of our industry, and who often work alone. 

“The past few months have been incredibly stressful for many; the announcement this morning from the ONS reported that almost one in five adults were likely to be experiencing some form of depression during the Covid-19 outbreak in June, which has almost doubled from before the pandemic.

“I hope that opening up the discussion in our industry highlights that brokers are not alone and there is help available.”

Roger Morris, group distribution director at OSB, commented: “This campaign is long overdue in the mortgage sector. 

“Bizarrely, there are hundreds of advisers and business principals who spend every day talking and delivering great advice to clients yet find themselves lonely.

“Motivating the motivator is always hard when working alone, but it can also be difficult even when you are surrounded by a good team but are in the middle of dire market conditions. 

“I will put myself forward to help with this campaign in any way I can.”

Martin Reynolds, chief executive at Simply Biz Mortgages, stated: “As we emerge into an environment which undoubtedly offers advisers huge market opportunity, it is inevitable that some advisers will still need lifting and supporting emotionally with positivity.

“Any initiative which therefore promotes health and wellbeing has to be applauded and the Simply Biz team look forward to helping Jason and Crystal Specialist Finance as the campaign progresses.”

You can take part in the survey, here.

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