Pritchard's Piece: 'Why not to talk to strangers!'

Pritchard's Piece: 'Why not to talk to strangers!'


Last week activity in the market seemed to take a huge upward surge, with the quality of some deals being particularly encouraging.

Was it the final return to work the previous week filtering through, or that those who had started the year on the golf course suddenly realising they were running out of cash. Whatever happened it seemed to have a positive effect.

I had an interesting week myself, which involved looking at new products once again, or at least existing ones which had struggled to find their place in the market. For example, the exclusive Savills have a product which has been specifically marketed to target auction goers, but in fact would suit a much wider audience…it’s worth having a quick look at if you get a moment. For those lucky enough to be involved, Whiteaway Laidlaw seems to be making a splash in the commercial sector, and their product range will certainly fill a gap once they have finished tweaking it.

Emma Cox came to visit one of the companies I work with to give them the corporate training they required, unfortunately they had a rather boozy lunch beforehand so spent most of the time visiting the gents on a relay basis. Not very professional boys! The poor girl couldn’t get out of there quick enough…sorry Emma!

Thank you to those who dropped me some feedback on the current crop of lenders, it was both interesting and informative and I shall be passing some of the (doctored) ones onto those that need to see or hear. I think there are a few that may need to review their marketing policy in addition to their underwriting, because according to some of the feedback, what they said they do and what they actually do seem to be worlds apart. Come on lads, leave the bulls**t to the brokers.

Finally, and I shall keep this short. I went to Liverpool a few weeks ago and following a lengthy evening with my business associates in the bridging and property market we end up in a café somewhere near Duke Street at 2.30 in the morning. We end up talking to a 6ft 2in Chinese Transexual in a PVC catsuit and her/his Scottish pimp wearing a pink kilt. The pair eventually ended up having a shouting match with someone in the café who said he/she should be pit down.

The morale of the story is – don’t talk to strangers, especially fella’s in PVC catsuits…my life gets so weird.

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