Power List 2021

Bridging & Commercial Magazine opens submissions for 2021 Power List

Following last year’s incredibly well-read and publicised Top 35 Under 35 Power List, Bridging & Commercial Magazine has today (9th November) officially opened submissions for its 2021 Power List.

35 Under 35 Power List 2020
The 2020 Power List was published at the beginning of this year.

Last year's Power List can be viewed here

This time, the Power List will be open to anyone who should be recognised for going above and beyond during 2020.

We are asking the industry to submit who they think should make the list. 

The Power List 2021 will be published as the cover story for the Jan/Feb 2021 issue of the Bridging & Commercial Magazine, which is coming out mid-February.

The final list will reveal the specialist finance industry’s most integral people who are helping to keep the market going through such challenging times. 

This could be anything from setting up a charitable initiative, helping colleagues, peers, or borrowers through tough times, coming up with new products and processes that meet demands and keep business flowing, or simply boosting morale across the sector.

We think this is a fantastic opportunity to highlight who should be recognised for their efforts, motivation, and support during a year that was in and out of lockdown. 

We want to award people across multiple areas and in a variety of roles, including lenders, brokers, funders, solicitors, and valuers.

There is also no threshold when it comes to experience (the Power List could include anyone from a fledgling graduate to a company CEO), as long as there is an argument they have gone that extra mile to ensure the wheels on the market keep turning. 

We hope the 2021 Power List will inspire and motivate our sector for the year ahead and recognise the achievements and innovations, however small, that our fantastic industry has made.

How to make a submission for the Bridging & Commercial Magazine 2021 Power List

We are asking companies to put forward someone who they think deserves to be on this list. This could be from your company or another. We are only accepting submissions for individuals, not companies. 

You are welcome to make multiple submissions. 

We need between 150 and 250 words per submission for us to be able to consider it.

You will need to send an email to our editor Beth Fisher at [email protected], with the following information:

Name of the person you are putting forward for the Power List:

Their role:

Their company:

What they did in 2020 that kept the market moving: 

Why they will be integral to the market’s recovery and growth in 2021:

Please also provide a high-res, print-ready picture that we would be able to publish, if they make the Power List.

Submission close at 5pm on Friday 4th December. 

How will Bridging & Commercial Magazine decide on who makes it onto the 2021 Power List?

Once we close submissions on 4th December, the Medianett team will then decide who makes the final list.

We will deliberate this based on who has made the biggest impact on the industry. 

Final numbers will be established based on the level and quality of submissions — which we expect to be high.  

Medianett will then be in touch with those we have been shortlisted for further details.

The final 2021 Power List will be kept a closely-guarded secret until the Jan/Feb issue of the Bridging & Commercial Magazine lands in mid-February 2021.

Make sure that you subscribe (for free) to ensure that you receive the print copy.

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your submissions. 

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