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Crystal releases its first health and wellbeing interview

Crystal Specialist Finance (CSF) has released its first of 12 health and wellbeing video interviews in which key industry personnel talk openly about personal challenges and mental health matters.

The first discussion took place with Scott Howitt, sales director at Chartwell Mortgage Services, who talked about his recovery from two separate cancer diagnoses and his career in financial services, including the difficult issues he faced in the 2008 recession and in the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Yorkshireman discussed the highs and lows and the importance he places on optimism — whatever the circumstance.

“I am delighted to participate in this excellent campaign and offer my support to individuals who may need someone to talk to,” said Scott.

“I do not see my story as particularly unique or myself different to anyone else, however I am fortunate to be born with a positive mindset and have a brilliant group of friends, family and work colleagues. 

“Undoubtedly the ability to seek guidance and support from people around me has helped me overcome both health and professional challenges which have come my way.”

Scott’s interview can be viewed here.

Each month during 2021, a new CSF mentor will step forward to provide inspiration with their stories, and additionally make themselves available to personally support those individuals who may need someone to talk to about their own difficulties. 

CSF’s health and wellbeing campaign is being led by group sales and marketing director, Jason Berry (pictured above), who felt that “not enough” was being done to support those individuals operating in our sector who were struggling silently with mental health matters.

Our initial survey validated these thoughts, showing that 35% of the broker respondents were concerned or only moderately satisfied with their mental health and only 13% of brokers were receiving enough sleep.

“In the mentor programme, 12 industry individuals with amazing tales will openly discuss the issues they have faced and how they personally overcame these challenges and make themselves open to talk to anyone. 

“If this helps just one person through their darkest hour then the campaign has been a success.” 

To coincide with the launch of the video series, CSF has extended its amethyst crystal campaign to 31st January, where it will distribute stress-busting amethyst crystals to brokers and introducers who complete cases with the distributor.

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