B&C Awards 2021

B&C Awards 2021: Everything you need to know

After a year like 2020, we could all do with a day out at the B&C Awards. These are all the details about the event and how the awards process works.

After postponing last year’s event twice due to the pandemic, we’re bursting with excitement (and hope) for what will undoubtedly be our best B&C Awards to date. Our main sponsor for our 13th event is United Trust Bank, with whom we have partnered to deliver the incredible African safari experience that has been in works since late 2019. 

We are, of course, paying careful attention to the ongoing government guidance and how it develops. 

When is the event? Wednesday, 6th October 2021

Where is it being held? The Hurlingham Club, Fulham

What are the timings?

  • 12pm guest arrival and drinks reception
  • 1pm welcome and charity presentation
  • 1.30pm awards part one
  • 2.30pm lunch is served
  • 4pm awards part two
  • 5pm thanks and post-awards bar opens, sponsored by Market Financial Solutions

What is the dress code? Black tie 

What is the theme? African safari

Inside or outdoors? Both, in accordance with the theme. We will provide for all weather eventualities.

What Covid-safe measures will be in place? We are working closely with the venue to establish what our plan is for keeping everyone safe, and this will be communicated to all table holders, sponsors and guests at regular intervals between now and the event date.

Do I need an actual invitation to gain entry? No, the security team at the entrance will have a supplied list of those attending.

The categories and descriptions for 2021 will be announced and online voting will open on 8th February. 

Here’s the timeline and details with regard to our awards process and how you can be in with a chance of winning one of our coveted ‘B’ statues: 

  • online voting opens on 8th February and closes towards on 31st May. We list the categories, and users fill in the form with who they think should make the list. Employees may vote for themselves or their own firm. Obvious spam and fake entries will be filtered
  • the judging panels will be announced in March via Bridging & Commercial. There are two groups: one consisting of brokers and one of lenders, to judge the respective categories fairly
  • once online voting has closed, we create a longlist of up to 15 firms in each category, based on the number of online votes submitted. Our judging panel selects up to eight in each, and the collation of these results makes up the official shortlist. This is announced in the first week of June. Some categories have four nominees, and some have more, depending on popularity and how closely contested the voting is
  • shortlisted nominees will have 2-3 weeks to compile the supporting documentation required to take their nomination forward. This usually consists of two references, but each nominee will be contacted with specific guidance. There are never any costs involved for you to pursue the award or, indeed, if you go on to win
  • supporting documentation has a strict word limit and needs to be completed in template form, to level the playing field for firms of all sizes and structures 
  • in July, our judging panels and chairpeople—who are chosen by the judges—will meet to decide on the winners. B&C/Medianett has no voting power, but we are present during the judging process
  • we then get on with engraving the winners’ names and finalising plans for the event itself.

What makes a winning entry?

Our judges have been selected to represent a good cross section of the specialist finance market, and we rely on their knowledge and experience during the process to reach an outcome that is fair and correct.

References supplied should go into sufficient detail as to why your firm should win that specific accolade, paying close attention to the descriptions we have published and ticking those ‘boxes’. Client/partner/borrower experience counts, and we want to hear why you are different from your peers and the other nominees in the category. Consider showcasing your best deals, how you’ve gone above and beyond expectations, the calibre of your team, how you’ve grown and evolved over the past 12 months and how you contribute to the wider industry’s success. In such a competitive space, knowing how to convincingly present your USP is of the utmost importance. 

Once again, we have a uniform length of submission which is required, and no additional supporting material may be included, to create as level a playing field as possible.

If you have any further questions about this, please contact Caron Schreuder on [email protected] or 0790 342 2325.

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