Sinead Moynihan

Hope Capital introduces new Eighties Collection

Hope Capital has launched its new eighties collection today (9th February).

The new range comprises two new bridging loan products — Hope 80 and Hope 84 — designed for mixed-use properties.

Hope 80 has a rate of 0.80% per month on loans up to £800,000 and a maximum 60% LTV, while Hope 84 goes up to 65% LTV, with a 0.84% rate and a maximum loans size of £650,000.

Both products will be available throughout England and Wales for a maximum loan period of 12 months to individuals and companies.

The products have various repayment options on both products — retained, serviced,  part-retained or part-serviced — depending on the needs of the borrower, and are suitable for investors who are looking to purchase, renovate or re-bridge on a property that has elements of both residential and commercial use.

The eighties collection is suitable for semi-commercial properties and requires a full valuation in order to determine the present value of the property against which the loan will be secured.

Sinead Moynihan, sales director at Hope Capital (pictured above), said: “At Hope Capital, we have a significant range of knowledge and experience handling cases for semi-commercial property, which is paramount for brokers and their clients who are looking to find a deal and service which can meet their needs.

“We believe it is essential in the current climate to place a real focus on offering new innovative products which offer flexibility and affordability for the borrower.

“We are looking forward to supporting our partners and clients with these options and continuing to deliver the same exceptional service for which we are renowned.”

Nick Stettner, director at Kinetic Money, commented: “The eighties collection is a fantastic product range, which will provide affordable and flexible options for our clients who are seeking a bridging loan as a way to achieve their property ambitions.

“We have an outstanding relationship with Hope Capital and look forward to working closely with the team to offer what is no doubt going to be a highly desirable option for our clients.”

The launch of the eighties collection follows a series of changes to Hope Capital’s offering, including a new range of refurbishment bridging loans and the revamp of its seventies collection, which was introduced in September 2020.

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