A ten step guide to a commercial loan: Step 6

A ten step guide to a commercial loan: Step 6


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Each week we bring you a step by step guide to setting up and completing a commercial loan

This week it's step 6:

Maintaining the flow

Whether your clients are looking to invest in the future or simply require some extra funding through a difficult business period, an injection of cash flow from a specialist lender can be the simplest solution.

Cash flow should not be a barrier for businesses moving forward; but with high street banks restricting their lending criteria and the difficulty in obtaining finance within certain timescales, many businesses have found raising capital for cash flow difficult.

If clients need funding to see them through a difficult trading period, secure contracts, fund a relocation or make acquisitions; commercial finance can be used to help them achieve their future aspirations.

Brokers therefore need to be aware of the wide range of finance available for their clients through specialist lenders, who can not only offer funds within short timescales but can offer solutions for a wide variety of individuals and businesses.

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