Nicola Firth

Knowledge Bank teams up with Iress for integrated product and criteria search

Knowledge Bank has collaborated with Iress to provide a fully integrated product and criteria sourcing system.

This is an upgrade to the initial partnership between the two companies in April 2020.

The new programme will enable brokers to find the exact lender to suit their clients’ needs from both a product and criteria perspective through a single search, removing the need for separate logins or multiple searches on different parts of the system.

It also incorporates the lenders’ criteria stance into the product-sourcing results, immediately shortlisting a more accurate selection of finance providers.

Brokers using Iress’s Xplan software will be able to input their clients’ requirements only once via a single login. 

This will then display results detailing the lenders that will accept the client based on both the products available and the criteria circumstances. 

This complements Iress’s Lender Connect proposition, which enables brokers to then apply from Xplan Mortgage directly to the lender, with all of the data pre-populated, eradicating the need to enter the client’s details more than once.

Nicola Firth, CEO at Knowledge Bank (pictured above), said: “The result of this collaboration is a system that will revolutionise the market [as] it creates the ultimate sourcing tool for brokers to get the best possible outcomes for their clients. 

“It is no longer a viable option to search only for mortgage products and not criteria, not with over 52,000 criteria changes in 2020 alone – that’s 1,000 changes to criteria every single week.  

“By teaming up with Iress, we have ensured that brokers can get both the most accurate and up-to-date product and criteria information all in one place.

“This can now be done in moments, pulling all of the information into one place and providing robust evidence of research for compliance purposes, satisfying the FCA’s requirements.”

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