Brydg launches stock exchange-style ticker for UK property values

Brydg has introduced Latitude, a stock exchange-style ticker for UK property values to help the commercial real estate sector better understand a property’s value in relative real time.

Latitude, short for Local Area Transactional Intelligence Ticker, provides a completely free feed of up-to-date data on the property market.

This includes price per square foot, price changes, and number of transactions for a given location. 

The Brydg Latitude ticker

Brydg’s data science team has analysed over 1.7 million postcodes covering almost 31 million properties throughout England, filterable by more than 120 areas, 2,900 districts and 11,000 sectors.

Latitude aims to help property developers and homebuyers better understand a property’s value in real time in a bid to even the playing field with major corporations that have vast resources and data available at their fingertips.

Lukasz Zawitkowski, chief strategy officer at Brydg, commented: “We’re proud to launch Latitude, which democratises access to real estate data through an easy-to-use but powerful tool, designed for first-time homebuyers and experienced property investors alike. 

“Brydg’s mission is to make real estate more transparent and accessible, and providing usable metrics for everyone in the market is an essential step to enable this.”

The ticker can be seen in action, along with more information about the technology behind Latitude, here

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