Sabinder Sandhu

'We can only encourage diversity if, as a collective, we speak about the steps to achieve it'

Like lots of people, I fell into the specialist lending market.

I initially met Avamore when I worked for a small marketing agency. At the time, the company was fairly young, and I ran their account. I enjoyed the way the principals worked and could see the potential to make a big impact on the business and so had been keen to move in-house for a long time.

Since I joined Avamore in 2018 as marketing co-ordinator, the opportunities I have had to build my career have been remarkable. In addition to fostering the marketing function, I have diversified my role by slowly being more involved in business operations, and now take the lead in that area; the ability to shape my own path within the company has kept me extremely motivated. I have always been encouraged to do more and think big, as long as I am acting in the interest of the business.

Working collaboratively to ensure increasing diversity in the industry is key. It is becoming more common to see females being celebrated within sectors where gender diversity has typically been challenging to achieve. This is a hugely positive step and reflects that it is possible to smooth out imbalances in any industry; we are seeing signs of our space making the same movements.

Ultimately, we can only encourage diversity if, as a collective, we speak about the steps to achieve it. Part of this is an education piece for younger people, but the other side is thinking ‘outside of the box’. The specialist finance market is relatively small; there is a huge pool of candidates from outside our sector which have transferable skills to fit in any number of roles within our space. Thinking about the opportunity and benefit we offer over other sectors could help attract fresh talent into the market and bring a renewed energy to roles.

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