Sinead Moynihan

We should all be responsible for paving the way for other women who want to join the industry

The amount of momentum which has gathered behind International Women’s Day, given that ours is a market that is traditionally male-dominated, makes it not only a welcoming space for women, but one which provides everyone with the same opportunities to thrive.

I am very proud to be part of a team which is dedicated to partaking in this positive change and recognises people for their success, regardless of gender. 

Paving the way for other women who want to join the specialist lending market in the future is something we should all be responsible for. At Hope Capital, we have been recognised on many occasions as a firm that is among the most gender diverse, not only in the bridging market but also across the wider financial services arena. 

12 out of 21 members of the Hope Capital team are female, which speaks volumes about our diversity and inclusion policy and was one of the main reasons I leapt at the opportunity to join the business.

As a woman in the bridging finance industry, this is really positive to see and I can only hope other companies, regardless of the industry they operate in, provide similar opportunities and a platform for women to be treated equally. 

There is no doubt that being a woman in today’s competitive job market can be a challenge, but, as someone who has worked extremely hard to work her way up, I would recommend to other women who are considering a career in this sector that they display confidence, find their edge, cultivate it, and learn from their counterparts, male or female. 

Ultimately, actions speak louder than words, and to ensure women are presented with equal opportunities, companies need to ensure they are focused on recruiting women who are dedicated and hardworking, while also providing support and development to help female employees succeed, grow and expand their careers by promoting from within.

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