SimplyBiz Mortgages and FIBA launch Specialist Property Finance Club

SimplyBiz Mortgages has partnered with the Financial Intermediary and Broker Association (FIBA) to introduce a new specialist finance club.

The SimplyBiz Mortgages Specialist Property Finance Club offers advisers and brokers access to a full range of commercial lending products, including bridging loans, development finance, commercial mortgages and specialist BTL.

The launch will take place with 12 lenders from the FIBA partner panel, including: 

  • Affirmative Finance
  • InterBay Commercial
  • LendInvest
  • Market Financial Solutions
  • Masthaven Bank
  • Octane
  • Octopus Real Estate
  • Reward Finance
  • Roma Finance
  • Together
  • United Trust Bank
  • YBS Commercial

The club — which will be welcoming further lenders onboard over the next year — aims to make it easier for both SimplyBiz Mortgages and FIBA members to access specialist property finance products.  

Martin Reynolds, CEO at SimplyBiz Mortgages, said: “As many firms have taken the opportunity to diversify over the past 12 momentous months, we are excited to bring a unique opportunity to market, through our relationship with sister association, FIBA.

“While some of the lenders that are part of the launch of the club will be familiar to our members, others could potentially be new, and therefore offer fresh and innovative solutions.”

The club will provide the opportunity to benefit from exclusive arrangements and enhanced procuration fees, alongside exclusive access to some specialist lenders and their products that previously may have not been available to all brokers.

According to Adam Tyler, executive chairman at FIBA (pictured above), the interest in specialist property finance has been one of the main drivers in the association’s membership doubling in 2020.

“The demand across the SimplyBiz Mortgages membership for access to the lender partners at FIBA has meant that the creation of the Specialist Property Finance Club was important at a time when there has been such a growing interest in the sector,” Adam highlighted.

“This new innovation from SimplyBiz Mortgages and FIBA has been embraced by the launch lenders, with the ability for a wider intermediary community to introduce new customers supported by specialists in the commercial sector.”

Mark Posniak, managing director at Octane Capital — which was also appointed to the SimplyBiz Mortgage panel yesterday (23rd March) — commented: “We’re confident our wide range of lending solutions, from bridging and refurb finance to developer exit loans and BTL will add real value to SimplyBiz Mortgages’ brokers in the months and years ahead. 

“Through our product-less offering, we give brokers a flexibility that’s unrivalled in the market. 

“Meanwhile, our medium-term BTL product range, which involves no stress-testing, is proving exceptionally popular with non-standard borrowers.”

Paresh Raja, CEO at Market Financial Solutions, stated: “We are delighted to be one of the founding lenders joining the panel of the Specialist Property Finance Club. 

“Following the challenges presented to the market over the last year, we know that brokers need access to fast and flexible property finance solutions to make the most of opportunities in 2021 — and we are here to deliver those solutions.”

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