Miranda Khadr

Pitch 4 Finance officially launches to brokers

Pitch 4 Finance has officially launched to help intermediaries source solutions for their clients in bridging, property development, commercial term loans and complex BTL.

The platform instantly matches cases with a panel of nearly 200 lenders on the basis of criteria and enables lenders to pitch for cases by offering terms through the system. 

The entire research and application process can be carried out within the platform, providing brokers with a record of all written correspondence and full compliance audit trail.

It is supported by a help desk of experienced brokers who can help intermediaries through the research and application process through live chat.

The platform also chases lenders for responses on behalf of brokers.

The team can check with lenders that are not on the panel to ensure that brokers have access to more available products in the market.

Pitch 4 Finance will charge 0.175% on cases completed through the platform.

Brokers who pre-registered to use the platform ahead of the launch will get to keep the entire proc fee from the lender on all cases they submit within the next three months. 

Miranda Khadr, founder of Pitch 4 Finance (pictured above), said: “We have carried out extensive testing of the technology and our processes to ensure that we exceed expectations. 

“We look forward to working with as many brokers as possible — whether they are already active in commercial lending and looking for a way to scale their business, or if they are new to this sector and want a helping hand in making the most of the opportunities.”

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