B&C and UTB to host virtual roundtable on using bridging finance for refurbishment projects

Bridging & Commercial will be hosting its next virtual roundtable, in partnership with United Trust Bank, on 22nd April.

The interactive event, which is part of a series launched this year, will start at 11am and is moderated by Medianett’s managing director, Caron Schreuder.

The topic is ‘Using bridging finance to acquire and fund refurbishment projects’.

UTB’s underwriting manager Becky Kidby and key account managers Owen Bentley and Paul Delmonte will be joined by fellow panellists Samantha Pettit, business development manager at Crystal Specialist Finance; Chris Oatway, owner and director at LDNfinance; and Bruno Welch, managing director and mortgage consultant at Clayton-Welch Associates.

The group will discuss the current trends in the refurb market, including the strengths, opportunities and present challenges, as well as how bridging finance has evolved as a product that fits this purpose.

The live event will also cover how the PDR and SDLT holiday changes have impacted this market, and the differences between heavy and light refurbishments, and what to watch out for in each type.

Registration is open and it is free to attend for all professionals working in the sector. 

The panel will be taking questions during the session and attendees are encouraged to get involved. 

The event will also be available to watch after 22nd April on B&C.

“Providing funding for refurbishment projects is one of the more regular uses of bridging finance, and for many years UTB has been considered one of the experts in providing short-term funding to facilitate the acquisition, refurbishment and conversion of residential property improvement projects,” said Gavin Diamond, commercial director for bridging at UTB, commenting ahead of the event.

“The UTB team on the roundtable panel has significant hands-on experience of a wide variety of projects.

“Property investors and developers often choose bridging over other forms of finance because of the flexibility of underwriting, the range of securities that can be considered, the speed at which it can be obtained, and the attractive relative cost.”

Chris added: “The bridging finance sector really has come a long way in the refurbishment and development space over the last few years. 

“As such, there’s an abundance of options for any new or existing developers looking to acquire and fund refurbishment projects. 

“Bridging lenders are now able to present clients with a holistic and comprehensive offering that covers all bases.

“They can move on transactions extremely quickly, have an in-depth knowledge about the development and refurbishment process, and can provide the high leverage and competitive terms the client needs to get the deal across the line.”

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