Ying Tan

Ying Tan to exit Dynamo

Ying Tan, founder and chief executive of Dynamo for Intermediaries (pictured above) — formerly known as The Buy to Let Business — has announced he will leave the company at the end of May following a 100% Connells Group buyout.

Ying will depart after 15 years of leading the business.

Since its inception, Dynamo has achieved numerous industry awards and, last month, celebrated  record revenue.

“Every entrepreneur dreams of starting, building, successfully scaling and exiting a business when the time is right, and this certainly represents the right time for me,” he said. 

“It’s been an amazing journey, having started from a tiny office in Guildford with no windows to operating out of a 13,000 sq ft office which has capacity for up to 200 people.

The Dynamo rebrand took us to a whole new level and the company is in a fantastic position to continue moving forward at pace.

“It has a great new owner in Connells Group, which has a proven track record with companies it has acquired, and there are significant synergies which Dynamo will greatly benefit from.

“While Dynamo has been a huge part of my life, it feels fantastic to leave the company in a strong position with records being broken and poised for continued growth, having recruited aggressively since the beginning of the year.”

Adrian Scott, mortgage services director at Connells Group, commented: “Dynamo has built an impressive reputation across the intermediary market and Ying has been the driving force behind this. 

“He leaves the company operating at the top of its game and we are delighted to have been able to acquire it on the back of company records and with such a strong infrastructure in place for continued growth. 

“The company is a great fit for Connells Group and I look forward to working with the strong Dynamo management team.”

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