Matthew Corker

Commercial property enters top five bridging search terms

‘Commercial property’ was the fourth most searched bridging term by brokers in April, according to the latest Knowledge Bank criteria activity tracker.

‘Maximum LTV’ and ‘regulated bridging’ remained the top two searched terms, with the latter increasingly used when a property chain has broken down or to purchase a property at auction.

LTVs were of interest to brokers in the commercial sector too, with ‘maximum LTV’ and ‘maximum LTV for commercial investment’ in the top five.

‘Semi-commercial properties’ continued to be the most searched for term last month, followed by ‘commercial investment mortgages’.

The BTL market continues to garner interest from new landlords, with ‘first-time landlord’ and ‘first-time buyers’ both featuring. 

‘Lending to limited companies’ is a constant in the most searched terms, featuring every month since the tracker began in July 2018, with the tax benefits a clear attraction for landlords.

“The two-speed rental market is gathering momentum with continued interest from new landlords and even those new to the property market completely,” said Matthew Corker, operations director at Knowledge Bank.

“Those looking to invest will probably be looking outside of the capital as rents outside of London continue to increase rapidly. 

“With criteria changes continuing at a rapid pace, brokers could spend hours every day searching for the latest criteria, so using a comprehensive criteria search system can save them a massive amount of time and ensure they are providing best advice.”  

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