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Selina Finance and OMS partner with Nivo

Selina Finance and One Mortgage System (OMS) have integrated Nivo’s fintech into their offerings.

Selina Finance

Selina Finance has added Nivo’s white label app to its existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems to facilitate communication with customers and streamline the loan application process.

The app offers a fast and secure way of communicating with customers during a loan application and the ability to create automated query bots for instant messaging. 

Whenever there is a question not within the automated journeys Selina builds, an operator can step in and either use the chat functionality or arrange a call. 

The technology aims to reduce Selina’s use of email for communications and replace it with a mobile experience built on instant messaging with higher levels of security and ease of use.

Nivo is also working with Selina to enable further customer friendly and time saving enhancements soon. 

These will include biometric ID verification, e-signatures and document sharing, which will allow customers to share documents such as bank statements and payslips.

Randolf Luttner, VP of strategic projects at Selina Finance, said: “We’ve been trying to automate as much as possible and were considering building our own solutions, but it would have been a big effort for our tech team that was already focusing on other areas. 

“This solution works really well in making it easier to serve more customers than we could with just our internal team.”

Emily Pham, customer success manager at Nivo, added: “At Nivo, we’re constantly asking how we can help lenders, brokers and customers interact more smoothly, and providing a white label app that can be up and running inside a fortnight in a secure and seamless environment makes sense to digital lenders.

“Selina operates in a fast-moving market where success rates go up as friction in the application process comes down. 

“We love that Selina has recognised the benefits of Nivo and embraced the app and its potential and we’re excited to see it help its business blossom going forward.”

One Mortgage System

One Mortgage System (OMS) has integrated Nivo’s facial recognition ID verification service into its CRM system.

ID is verified by using machine learning and facial recognition to check the applicant is the genuine owner of an authentic passport, driving licence or national ID card.

The system aims to streamline the process annd eliminate human error associated with hard-copy documents, mitigating fraud.

“Despite information security, data privacy and compliance cited as top priorities, a lot of intermediary firms tend to struggle with digital transformation projects,” commented Neal Jannels, managing director at OMS.

“Nivo is quick to deploy, simple to integrate and the benefits are quickly evident. 

“It’s an exciting product which will speed up and simplify an antiquated ID verification process across a mortgage market which is swiftly catching up to other areas of financial services from a tech perspective.”

OMS has has already integrated with four tech platforms: Iress, Twenty7Tec, iPipeline and Knowledge Bank, to provide users better product and protection sourcing and criteria searching for areas such as residential, BTL, second charge, equity release, bridging, commercial, general insurance and protection.

Matthew Elliott, chief development officer at Nivo, stated: “Lenders and brokers love Nivo because it makes it easy for them to offer the kind of modern mobile experience that customers expect. 

“On the back of this success, our clients are increasingly pushing for the additional value available through hooking customer data gathered via mobile into core systems. 

“There was one week earlier this year where we felt like someone asked us every day about hooking into OMS, so we’re delighted to announce these integrations, and excited about the opportunity to connect more of our features over the coming months.”

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