New PR platform launches to offer specialist lenders and brokers free publicity

Free PR platform, Newspage, has officially launched, giving brokers, master brokers and smaller lenders the chance to be featured in the local, national and international media.

Newspage enables brokers and specialist lenders to create their own publicly visible and fully branded media centre within minutes.

They can add as many contactable experts as they wish, create tags for their areas of expertise and provide any content that could be of use to the media. 

They will then receive ‘NewsAlerts’ in the app to breaking or upcoming news stories that they could contribute to.

“With Newspage, we want to give brokers the chance to have potentially important exposure in the media for free,” said Dominic Hiatt, founder of Newspage.

“Mortgages is such a fast-moving space that there is room for everyone to show off their expertise, whether that’s in a local newspaper or on an international newswire.”

The platform has evolved out of The Great British Bounce Back, which was launched by Rhizome Media Group during the first national lockdown and helped small businesses that would never be able to afford a traditional PR agency have their voices heard and stories told.

Rhys Schofield, founder of Peak Mortgages & Protection, commented: "As a small business, this is something we’ve never had access to previously, and we are amazed at how Newspage has worked for us. 

“They really care about the Peak name and getting it out there."

Matthew Fleming-Duffy, founder of Cherry Mortgage & Finance, added: “Since I created my own Newspage, I’ve been featured in countless newspaper articles, which has been fantastic for brand awareness and all-important trust. 

“It’s like having your own PR agency without having to pay for one.”

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