Black & white + Brightstar

Black & White Bridging and Brightstar reveal new distribution partnerships

Black & White Bridging and Brightstar Financial have announced new partnerships in the specialist finance market.

Black & White Bridging

Black & White Bridging has selected Loans Warehouse to be its only packager/distributor in the UK to carry its product range.

While brokers can access Black & White directly, those who are using third-party distributors will only be able to access the lender’s products through Loans Warehouse exclusively.

“When we were planning our distribution strategy, one of the most important aspects to agree were the best ways for brokers to access the B&W proposition,” said Damien Druce, commercial director at Black & White Bridging.

“Direct access to us was obviously a given; however, we knew that many intermediaries preferred to deal through a trusted third party, either because they benefitted from having someone to do much of the heavy lifting to get the deal done or because they did not feel confident in their understanding of bridging to go directly to the lender.

“Rather than spread ourselves too thinly by engaging with multiple distributors, we have chosen to work with just one.”

Matt Tristram, director at Loans Warehouse, commented: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to be a vital part of Black & White’s ongoing marketing strategy. 

We’ve made great strides ourselves to increase our bridging distribution in recent months through networks and other partnerships. 

“So, having exclusive access to Black & White’s proposition helps us offer a more comprehensive service, which is key to opening other doors.”

Brightstar Financial

Brightstar Financial has become a preferred distributor on Sesame Bankhall Group’s new specialist lending panel.

The partnership means that members of PMS Mortgage Club and Sesame Network will have access to a range of specialist finance products, including bridging, commercial and development finance, through the specialist distributor.

Rob Jupp, Group CEO at The Brightstar Group, said: “At Brightstar, partnerships are core to the success of our business, and this partnership with Sesame Bankhall Group provides another important platform for us to help a wider group of brokers identify and source the right specialist lending solutions for a larger group of customers.”

Stephanie Charman, head of strategic relationships for lenders at Sesame Bankhall Group, added: “At Sesame Bankhall Group, we recognise the emerging need for specialist lending.  

“The pandemic has had an impact on people’s lives and financial circumstances, and what was mainstream may have a specialist need in the future.  

“Partnering with master brokers like Brightstar means our PMS and Sesame members have access to the support they need to assist specialist lending customers.”  

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