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Pitch 4 Finance saves client almost £80,000 in interest payments

Pitch 4 Finance helped a client refinance their property portfolio, saving them almost £80,000 a year in interest payments.

The borrower’s extensive portfolio was financed by an existing loan of £4.7m, which was charging  5.20%, equating to annual interest payments of £244,400.

Using the newly launched Pitch 4 Finance platform , the broker was able to refinance the entire balance at 3.5%. 

Alexandra Brandon, client relations at Pitch 4 Finance (pictured above), said: “The platform made the complex task of refinancing the entire portfolio quick and easy for the broker, resulting in significant savings to the borrower. 

“With Pitch 4 Finance, we are enabling brokers to save time and focus on engaging with their clients as they are able to use the platform to source a deal and dump the cases onto us. 

“We work like an outsourced member of a broker’s back-office team — and we can do as much or as little work as a broker chooses.

“For those who don’t feel they need full support, they can choose to use the platform as a comparison tool to validate their own sourcing and product selection. 

“We are seeing some brokers doing this as an effective use of the platform to ensure that the best solution is being achieved for the client.”

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