Europe gives eco-homes £500k boost

Europe gives eco-homes £500k boost


A UK housing development firm have been given over half a million pounds of European funding, to develop energy efficient homes in Norwich.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) have awarded Broadland Housing Association, whose CEO is RICS Senior Vice-President Michael Newey, the funds needed to develop eleven houses in Norwich.

Broadland Housing Association will be able to turn eleven across Norwich into eco-homes of the future. The existing houses of the firm will be renovated using the latest state-of-the-art environmental housing methods. Once the renovations are complete, the homes will be used as examples of the best practice for Social Housing development across the region.

The fund is focused on reducing economic disparities within and between member states by supporting economic regeneration and safeguarding jobs, by providing funding to support energy efficient refurbishments on buildings in all twenty-seven member states. Developments in the UK have benefitted from more than €5 billion worth of funding from the ERDF.

For RICS EU policy and Public Affairs this is one of the examples on how RICS members can benefit from being aware of the opportunities the European Union has to offer.

The ERDF have previously provided funding for the following projects, The Eden Project in Cornwall (£12.8m), and the King’s Dock redevelopment in Liverpool (£48m) being the most notable. 

Around £1.4 billion of funding remains available through the European Regional Development Fund to applicants.

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