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MT Finance reveals new board of directors with more female representation

MT Finance Group has added new members to the company’s board of directors, creating 30% female board representation.

Lenka Pajkošová, head of underwriting, and Millie Dyson, chief marketing officer, have been promoted to the group’s board, along with operations director, James Anderson, and commercial director, Gareth Lewis.

They join founding directors Joshua Elash and Tomer Aboody.

In line with its commitment to the Women in Finance Charter, the company publicly set specific internal targets, with the intention of adding at least one female candidate to the board of directors by September 2021. 

In promoting both Lenka and Millie, the lender has surpassed its target.

“We are proud to promote an inclusive environment at MT Finance and strive to drive genuine change in the financial services sector,” said Millie.

“I am honoured to be one of the group’s first female board members and will continue to ensure we remain focused in our efforts to maintain a diverse and equal workforce as we take the company forward.”

Joshua added: “Lenka, Millie, James, and Gareth have been valuable members of the executive committee at MT Finance for some time. 

“The appointments add real value to the company and reflect our desire to recognise, support and empower the wonderfully talented people we are lucky enough to work with. 

“The additions also re-emphasise our ESG principles and commitment to the Women in Finance Charter.”

The news follows the completion of MT Finance’s MBO in March, which consolidated 100% of the ownership of the company back into the hands of joint founders Tomer and Joshua.

The group raised £8m of funding from Triple Point Investment Management to finalise the purchase.   

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