B&C and Glenhawk team up for virtual roundtable on the impact of the 'rate race' on bridging customers

Bridging & Commercial is hosting its next virtual roundtable on 16th June, in partnership with Glenhawk.

The interactive event, titled ‘Is the race to the bottom ultimately costing the customer?’ is part of a series that launched this year.

The roundtable will start at 11am and be moderated by Medianett’s managing director, Caron Schreuder.

Glenhawk’s CEO and founder, Guy Harrington, and managing director, Nick Hilton, will be joined by Rob Jupp, CEO at The Brightstar Financial Group; Chris Oatway, owner and director of LDNfinance; Kim McGinley, managing director at VIBE Finance; and Matthew Rowne, director at The Buy to Let Broker.

The experts will discuss how long the ‘rate race’ by lenders has been going on in specialist finance and what have been its main drivers, as well as in which circumstances price should be the defining factor.

The panel will also touch on what the top aspects are to get a deal over the line currently, and how funding has had a bearing on pricing and lenders’ ability to compete.

Registration is open and is free to attend by all professionals working in the sector. 

The panel will be taking questions during the session and attendees are encouraged to get involved. 

The event will also be available to watch after 16th June on B&C.

“As bridging becomes a more retail product, there will always be increased lender competition and rate wars,” said Nick.

“The key is to find a balance on both pricing and delivery of the product, ensuring the client journey is as smooth as possible. 

“Although clients will always push for cheaper rates, this does not necessarily go hand in hand with lender performance and service. 

“The intermediary market also has a key role to play by giving the right advice to the client based on the transaction that’s put in front of them. 

“The cost to the client will depend on the partnership that is advised to them. 

“All in all, the most important mentality for a lender is to support the client throughout the whole journey.”

Rob added: “Delivering the best results for the customer has always been the most important factor in the application process; now more than ever we all need to step up and deliver both first-class service and work to ensure that every partner along the journey is also focused on making sure we put the customer first.

“I look forward to discussing how the race to the bottom has helped and hindered the customer.”

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